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Chapter Committees

Consider joining one of our committees. It is a wonderful way to get involved with the success of the chapter. See all details about each committee below and if interested contact us

Each committee chair provides an update during the monthly board meeting - this contributes to the agenda for the monthly Chapter meetings. Each committee has the opportunity to provide updates to be posted on the Greater Milwaukee website and communicated to the National PayrollOrg.


  • Greets members at monthly meetings

  • Ensures in advance of monthly meetings that all meal, beverage, and paper products are available for meeting

  • Organizes among the members necessary menu items and paper products

CPP/FPC Study Group

  • Committee Chair responsible for organizing the study group

    • VolunteerInstructors/Facilitators/ Students​

    • Dates for Spring & Fall Group

    • Report to National PayrollOrg all aspects of study group dates and participants

  • Volunteer instructors help to facilitate and contribute to weekly study group meetings


  • Educates general public about the Greater Milwaukee Chapter, Payroll and Tax issues

  • Communicates to members upcoming educational seminars, conferences or webcasts

  • Communicate to members Educational Grants available

  • Nominate members to receive National Grants

  • Participate in National Payroll Week 


  • Be a reference point for individuals that may be interested in joining our chapter

  • Pursue opportunities to build our membership

  • Maintain chapter benefit and membership flyer for distribution

  • Provide information for the chapter website

Newsletter/Public Relations

  • Prepare and collect articles for the member newsletter

  • Provide newsletter for chapter website publication

  • Provide articles for the National PayrollOrg

Community Involvement

  • Organizes events within the Greater Milwaukee Chapter to benefit the community

  • Research and present to Board the event details

    • upon approval, prepare member communication​

    • work directly with the non-profit organization

  • Provide information to Membership Secretary for chapter meeting agenda

  • Provide information for chapter website

National Payroll Week (NPW)

  • Organize NPW event for the chapter

  • 1 member to participate in National PayrollOrg conference call for NPW

  • Prepares communication for chapter members how to celebrate within their companies

  • Provide information for chapter website

  • Committee members from Education, Community Involvement, and Government participate with NPW

  • Collect chapter members' company NPW activities

  • Submit annual entry to National PayrollOrg the NPW Chapter Contest

Chapter of the Year (COTY)

  • Submit annual entry to National PayrollOrg the Chapter of the Year questionnaire

  • Collect information throughout the chapter year to prepare for submission

    • each committee chair provides materials that assists in this submission​

Chapter Pictoral

  • Submit annual entry for the Chapter Pictorial to National PayrollOrg

  • Collect information throughout the chapter year to include in submission

    • each committee chair provides materials that assist in this submission​

  • Provide information for the chapter website to publish

Government Liaison

  • Gather any legislative and regulatory changes/news

  • Work with membership secretary to share information vial email blasts

  • Communicate at monthly chapter meetings changes/news of interest to members

  • Work with government agencies for NPW proclamations

  • Provide required information for the NPW chapter contest submission

  • Provide information for chapter website publication


  • Reviews all BEE award submissions and makes recommendations to the Board

  • Committee chair tracks recipients of BEE awards and pins

  • Committee chair tracks Beehive pin inventory and notifies chapter president when inventory is low

  • Prepare award certificates and year-end slide show honoring members

  • Reviews submissions for the John Hiddleston Award - this goes to the outstanding Vendor/Partner


  • Management of new Officer elections during the months of February through June

  • Solicits and consolidates nominations for positions

  • Communicates election information - open positions, position responsibilities, positions term to chapter members

  • Communicate with members voting ballots

  • Gather and tally ballots; reports results to Vice President for June meeting announcement


  • Review the by-laws of the chapter to ensure compliance with both National PayrollOrg and 501(c)3 requirements

  • Make recommendations to the Board and chapter membership of changes to the by-laws

  • Ensure all notifications are sent out within the required time frame prior to any change adoption

  • Ensure chapter members and officers do not violate any by-laws

Program/Featured Vendor

  • Prepares annual plan based on member and board input using annual survey and ongoing Board/member recommendations

    • Monthly meeting dates, speakers, topics, locations​

  • Committee chair works closely with other committees to ensure success of monthly meetings

  • Reports at monthly Board meeting all details for upcoming chapter meetings

  • Committee chair prepares and provides to Board details for member meeting invite

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