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The Greater Milwaukee Chapter will forever remember and honor one of our founding Chapter members, Cindy Cichosz.

Cindy was instrumental in the success of both the Chapter and of many members. She was a rockstar of a mentor, an honest and supportive friend, and a staunch believer in sharing knowledge.

We leave these memories here for comfort, remembrance, and encouragement to our members, colleagues, and champions of payroll.

Every now and then, a person with no agenda, no ulterior motive, and no self-interest will take pleasure in helping you to succeed, grow, and live your purpose. This person will operate in love, will seek no praise, and will want nothing in return. This person is a gift. Cindy was our gift and we will miss her

Remembrances of Cindy

"Cindy had a zest for life, a passion for payroll and an expectation of having fun as much as possible. She was loveable and direct and would call me for event participation and say, "Now I know you're going to make this fun." Professionally, it was never just about getting credits, it was about making friends and bettering those around her. Cindy left a sweet legacy. I'm thankful for the many years I knew her. My hope is she's dancing in a field of her beloved butterflies."

~Kathy Kruse, EmPower HR

"I first met Cindy and Bob at APA's annual Congress. My first thought was they were such an adorable couple. Cindy was warm, friendly, inviting, funny, and just fun to be around. Her love for others was obvious to all who knew her. She will be greatly missed but I'm comforted in knowing she is back with her love, Bob."

~Elizabeth Herrera


"When I think of Cindy, I think of kind-hearted person who was always in your corner. No matter what was going on, Cindy had either words of praise, or words of support or more importantly - encouragement. She was a huge cheerleader for everyone she knew and wanted you to know that you could do it - whatever the "it" was. She helped me build confidence in my ability to lead the Greater Milwaukee chapter and I miss her effervescence at our meetings. She leaves a large void but she also leaves a wonderful legacy in the chapter that she helped build and loved dearly."

~Mary Wittmann

"Of course for me there is always going to be the license story. But did anyone know that anytime I would sit next to Cindy after that, she would take things from me? It could be a pen, of course everyone knows I certainly had more than 1 pen with me. Silverware, if we were at dinner. But when she takes your can and puts is next to hers, you begin to wonder. How could she not know, my can was black and of course hers was PURPLE! She did have to laugh at that one herself. I like to just think now that she always wanted me with her, and she does, when I said farewell I gave her my license."

~Jeanne Aiona


"Butterflies cant see their wings. They can't see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. If you knew Cindy, you know that she couldn't go to a conference or chapter meeting without a butterfly accessory somewhere on her. And just like the butterfly, Cindy's beauty shown through to those around her through her laugh, generosity, thoughtfulness, smile, and great sense of humor. From ambassador to Vice President, Cindy's involvement in the APA brought so much joy to her here and undoubtedly helped the Milwaukee Chapter grow into what it is today. She will be greatly missed as a payroll professional, active member of the APA community, and friend to so many of us."

~Shannon Ganzer

"For a short period of time, Cindy (and others) came to my place of employment for an audit project when we had a not so successful conversion. Even though it was a temporary job, Cindy was professional and dedicated to the task. And when the project manager made a comment about anyone being able to do the auditing, Cindy gave him a speech about how important it was to use someone who was a CPP and the value of a certified payroll professional. Cindy loved a good time, lover her family and friends, and was proud of her chosen profession.

~Sandy Westerdahl

"Cindy was always one of the most cheerful people I've ever met. Every time we talked she asked me about how me and my family were doing.

~Scott Bankert, Equifax

"It's hard to put into words what Cindy meant to me. I have so many memories that just leak out of my eyes when I think of her. From getting stuck in the elevator at Congress in Minneapolis, to the scooter being stuck on rabbit speed and reminding her "turtle", to standing in the fountain in Florida. I will always be grateful for her friendship. Until we meet again my dear friend!"

~Susie Bradley

"Cindy and I traveled to San Antonio together with our spouses for a chapter leadership seminar. When we had spare time, my husband and I walked around the town and stopped in the Payless shoe store. When we met up again with Cindy and Bob and shared what we did during our free time, Bob could not get over the fact we stopped in a store to go shoe shopping. Ever since that trip, anytime Bob and I would see each other he would ask if he needed to find shoes for me."

~Claire Wojtak

"Cindy was passionate about everything she did personally and professionally. She loved her family, friends, Cutie, making gifts for others and her new garden. Most importantly, she loved Bob and looked forward to being with him in heaven. She loved her APA family nationally, locally and every payroll professional she met. She was an officer of both APA National and Greater Milwaukee chapter and is a member of the "Hall of Fame". She volunteered to continue to be educated and have fun! She loved to stay in contact with everyone she met and considered everyone her friend. She was a founding member of the Greater Milwaukee APA chapter and proud of it! She was so excited to write articles for PayTech and be on the cover representing the chapter. She was interviewed by local TV station and quoted in Milwaukee Journal and Payroll topics. She received several awards from National and local chapters and in return, she loved to give recognition back. Payroll was Cindy's superpower and she was knowledgeable, successful and respected by many. As a friend, she became part of my immediate family (my children, husband, Mom, sister, cousin, friends knew her well). Many stories, laughs, chats and road trips we shared. Would love to share some stories in personal and laugh about Chocolate Donut Cake, Ruthie trapped in the porch, Burping bags, D, Man n Cheese/Lobster, The Award, Vegas, Nashville, FL, MN, DC, Austin, New Orleans, San Antonio, California, shared hotel rooms, bus trips and more. Bob and Cindy loved to be together, loved to travel, love showing their car at car shows, riding their Harley together, loved spending time with their firends Lisa, Jeff, Karen, Nancy and Red and lover their home/land in Random Lake. We will miss Cindy! Love knowing she is with Bob again!

~Michelle Ganzer

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