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This page provides our valued members with the latest payroll news along with links to a variety of
resources at both the National and State Level.

If you have content suggestions, please let us know.

In the News

  • 03/11/2024 Effective Date - Final Rule: Employee or Independent Contractor? Read more Here. 

  • 12/13/2023 - A new bill was proposed in Wisconsin that would eliminate income tax on overtime hours and bonuses of up to $2,500.   Read more Here. 

2024 Limits


Year End Reminders - 

  • W4 Updates

    • Did your employee have a life changing event like a marriage or a new baby?  If so, they should complete a new W4 form.  ​Some states like, WI, also have a form. ​

    • Employees can go to the IRS website & use the Tax Withholding Estimator if they are unsure what to claim. 

    • WI also has a Withholding Calculator


    Check your states for similar forms and calculators. 

Now is a great time to start brainstorming on how to improve your next year end.  

  • Start a list of what worked well & what didn't. 

  • Include items like: 

    • ​​Ensure all checks are voided

    • Benefit plans/deductions updates

    • Minimum wage updates

    • All updated address are entered it your system

    • Update your labor law posters

    • Any year end adjustments

      • Taxable payments like gift cards​

      • S-Corp

      • 3rd Party Sick Pay

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